About us

Manage your risk. Reduce uncertainty.

Good risk analysis and management, in the first place, is all about selecting and following the relevant sources of information, identifying risks before they strike home. As soon as you grow your business beyond the shores of your home, that inevitably entails macro- and metarisks, too. Contrary to popular perception, more often than not these can be anticipated early on and thus be prepared for as much as many other, more down-to-earth risks of your daily operations. Yet just as those micro-level challenges, macro- or meta-risks can be very costly to your business once they materialise – so better not to be wrong-footed, having to answer uncomfortable questions from investors and board members alike.

By continuously observing global economic and political macro-developments, anticipating risks in the making and precluding their further evolution, we enhance your grip on global macro- and metarisks your business is facing, reducing losses from unnecessary surprises and improving the efficiency of your operations. You may get a first impression of our methods in section “Spotlight” on this website.

Our analysis, furthermore, is underpinned by an economic model more apt to capture the processes of a modern economy with pure credit money than those typically employed by our competitors – and the quality of our projections attests to our superior reliability.

If you want to test our methods and how they may assist your business, too, do not hesitate to contact us for a free exploratory talk and check out our brochure.

Last but not least: We are accredited by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control and participate in its support schemes for European SMEs. Thus, part of our work for you can be subsidised, making it even better value for money.

Jobs for freelancers in economics/political sciences

Currently, our team is made of changing freelancers (according to the interests of our clients) and our owner and managing director, Jakob Steffen.

We are looking for additional freelancers educated in economics and/or political sciences, supporting our analysis and publication units. Students with at least a bachelor in the stated fields are welcome to make an application, too. Please send a short letter of intent and a CV by simple mail to, and we will get back to you.