Jakob Steffen

Owner and managing director

Jakob Steffen was born in 1981 and is an economist by training (educated at the Universities of Augsburg and Cologne as well as Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, with political sciences as a minor). He has specialised in monetary theory & -politics as well as antitrust economics, with his diploma thesis examining the competition (deficits) of and putative antitrust cures for the German roast coffee market (this and other works by him as well as our free studies are available in section „Professional works“ of this website).

With his studies at Edinburgh, he started to develop a special expertise in the economy as well as the politics of the UK and the Commonwealth in general, thus building the core of our company’s business. He has worked at the Corporate Policy department of Deutsche Lufthansa in Berlin, at the Economic Policy department of the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg, where he was liaison for policy and business partners at the interest group “Hamburg Metropolitan Region”, and finally as scientific advisor by assignment of the regional parliament of the German state Northrhine-Westphalia.