US state elections bode ill for Donald Trump’s prospects

07. November 2019, 17:16 Uhr

With hindsight, later commentators might come to say that this was the moment Donald Trump’s prospects for re-election began to fade.

Not only that the Republicans have lost the high-profile gubernatorial race in Kentucky: The GOP’s incumbent in Mississippi, too, managed to win by a rather small margin only compared with the Magnolia State’s Republican credentials and the fact that virtually nowhere in the country, Donald Trump is as popular. The biggest problem, however, showed up under the radar of most political analysts and commentators on this side of the pond: The cleansweep Democrats inflicted on Republicans in the Virginia state legislature elections. In the Old Dominion, Dems managed not only to capture the House of Delegates, but also the State Senate which in normal times should have been even less susceptible to flipping blue. Both in the Bluegrass State and Virginia, victory for the Dems came with energised voters from the suburbs disillusioned with the President and itching for political change.

If this trend holds in key states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio next year, the all too often predicted second term for Donald Trump will quickly evaporate.